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Next scheduled event:

Q&A: Anything Semco Style Institute Australia

November 4, 17.00 AEDT

The Semco Style framework has its origins in the 80s and has delivered some incredible results, when a 21-year-old Ricardo Semler took over the Semco Group. He did that by delegating as much decision-making power to the workforce as possible and, over the next two decades, he grew the company from 90 to 5000 employees. More impressively, he raised the company’s annual revenue from $4 million to $212 million, with the company growing at an average rate of 47 percent. Semco also achieved a phenomenally low employee turnover rate of just 2 percent under Ricardo Semler’s leadership. The framework has been implemented since across the globe and in many industries, with great success.

This Q&A aims to offer a platform to gain more insights into the Semco Style, Democratic management, alternative ways of leading companies. The idea is to have an informal platform to offering the opportunity to any question you have on the Semco Style and upcoming Semco Style Institute programs, including our Expert Certification program.

You will be able to ask questions on all things Semco Style, facilitated by Domenico A. Pinto, the Founder of Semco Style Institue Australia.

Come, take the first step towards designing an organization that’s resilient and capable of adapting fast to changing circumstances. Sign up for the Q&A by filling in the registration form.

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