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Changemaker Program

Increase self-organisation in the team(s) you work with

Towards Your Ideal Self-Organisation

  • Enrich your style with Semco Style, Ricardo Semler’s globally known approach.
  • Increase autonomy and responsibility in your team(s).
  • You get access to the Semco Style toolkit with 100+ exercises and cases.

Program In A Nutshell

Build pyramids and get mummies. Create a flat organisation, and there is room for autonomy and trust. Autonomous teams have a greater sense of responsibility, respond more quickly to change and innovate faster. Your employees are happier and increase customer satisfaction. Semco Style Institute brings this way of working to numerous organisations around the world.

You are already familiar with self-management and you know that implementation does not happen overnight. That agile teams alone are not enough. The Semco Style Changemaker program does not take you as a starting point, but the teams you work with. What do they need to take the next step towards self-management? And what can you do in it?

You understand it on the basis of directly applicable Semco Style tools, role play, case studies and reflection with the participants on your own situation. You will learn how to increase ownership and effectiveness in your teams and how to influence this.

The Following Topics Are Covered

  • Experience the 5 organisational principles of Semco Style with theory and cases.
  • Create your own Semco Style Roadmap from self-organisation to self-management.
  • Learn to influence the context and conditions in which your team operates.
  • Increase autonomy and responsibility within your team(s).
  • Be inspired by top entrepreneurs who successfully apply self-organisation.


  • You can optimize the context in which your teams work.
  • You take teams to the next level in autonomy and responsibility.
  • You sharpen the image of your ideal self-organization and how to get there.
  • You get access to the Semco Style toolkit with 100+ exercises and cases.

Target Audience

This program is suitable for people-oriented and goal-oriented entrepreneurs, directors, leaders and (interim) managers who are engaged in creating organisations that continue to develop themselves continuously and successfully. Who have already started the journey to self-organisation with their team / organisation, or who intend to start this transition. The program is also suitable for consultants and advisors who help organisations move forward.

Practical Information

  • Dates: the dates on which this training takes place, you can see under the tab ‘dates’ at the top.
  • Delivery type: On-line
  • Program duration: 6 x 3 hour sessions over 3 weeks. See dates tab for further details. 
  • Just like our other training courses, this training is also available as an in-company program and can be customised to meet clients needs (e.g. 9x 2h sessions or 3 full days) 
  • Investment: $ 4,999 + GST

Want To Know More?

Would you like to register for the Changemaker Program? Then sign up via the ‘sign up’ tab at the top of the page. More information about this program? Contact us at hello@semcostyle.com.au, or fill in the form below.

” This training is an absolute must for anyone who works in an organization who wants to adapt to the new development of society. It provides answers to the questions, how do I permanently create a better result? How do I make people more satisfied at work? How do I ensure that people make each other stronger instead of through a manager? In this complex environment, how do I ensure that I become a better coach for the organization instead of a hierarchical manager? ” – Peter van Bergen –

Changemaker Program - Semco Style Institute


Module 1: March 10 | 09:00-16:00 AEDT

Module 2: March 24 | 09:00-16:00 AEDT

Module 3: April 7 | 09:00-16:00 AEST


$ 4,999 + GST