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Insight Into Self-organization

Semco Style Organization Selfie

The Semco Style Institute has developed a powerful tool known as the Semco Style Organization Selfie – it is a scan of your organization, based upon the Semco Style framework, that gauges your readiness for self-organization. The tool gives individuals, teams and their organization an insight into their degree of maturity in terms of self-organization. It identifies aspects where there is room for improvement and gives employees a shared language, and the necessary understanding, to kickstart change.

How Does The Selfie Work?

The Organization Selfie is a statistically validated tool that enables teams to shape their development process independently. The tool consists of a questionnaire, with 45 carefully composed questions, in the multiple choice format. The questions are derived from the Semco Style framework of 5 principles and 15 pillars. All participants receive a personal report with practical tips based on their answers. Additionally, a team report is delivered for each team which maps out the similarities and differences within the team. A team session is then organized to discuss the reports and plan next steps.

The Individual Report

The individual report offers participants the opportunity to see how they view their team, and organization, with regard to self-organization. The personal report lays out the preconditions required to make self-organization within the team a success. It contains useful tips on how an individual can make positive contributions to the development of self-organization within the team in ways that suit them.

The Team Report

The team report offers insight into the extent to which a team has the preconditions required for self-organization. The individual scores of team members should, ideally, be made visible because it is precisely these differences in experiences that provide a breeding ground for conversations about change.

The Organization Selfie empowers teams to draw their own roadmaps to self-organization. It vests the teams with both the freedom and the responsibility required to take this journey. The use of the Selfie, for instance, can be the first step since it fits into the purpose of self-organization.

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