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Experience Game

An organization where everyone is busy with themselves, the customer is forgotten and cooperation is not going well. Recognizable? Then experience what it does to you when you step into the shoes of the customer, employee or director. During the Semco Style Experience Game you will learn to understand why people in a certain role suddenly show different behavior. You will learn how to fathom behavioral patterns, how to build smooth collaboration and customer focus – and why that is so difficult.


In the morning, participants are randomly assigned a role (top, middle, customer or employee) and the task to make their own organization successful. Then days are simulated in rounds of 13 minutes. After every two rounds, we reflect and consider in detail the question: how does each role experience the other? This creates more understanding for what the organization looks like from a different place.

The first part of the afternoon is devoted to better organization with Semco Style as a guide. How do you create an organization in which autonomy and entrepreneurship are encouraged and the customer is central? We also delve deeper into organizations as a system based on the work of Barry Oshry. On the basis of practical examples, tips and experiences in all kinds of organizations, experiments are carried out with other structures and behavior. Because although much behavior in organizations is predictable, that does not mean that the behavior from the beginning of the text is inevitable. Every employee, manager, director and customer has the opportunity and the responsibility to make the organization a success.

The second part of the afternoon is about application to and within your own organization. Which lessons and tips will the participants take with them and how do they want to get started? By rotating at a rapid pace along discussion tables, we ensure that this last part of the program is also completed with good energy.


The Semco Style Experience Game offers

  • A powerful experience of how organizations work
  • More understanding of other roles in the organization and what the world looks like from that perspective
  • Tips and insights to organize differently and better based on theory and practice
  • Tools for change of your own organization and energy to get started

Practical information

The Experience Game lasts from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and takes place at a centrally located location. You can register individually for this. The costs are $299 + GST. Do you want to come with 5 or more people? Then you get a 10% discount!

Impression of the Semco Style Experience Game

Want to know more?

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